MyKohlsCharge is Kohl’s website for customer credit card management service that allows you to pay with credit, pay online and manage online transactions from your mobile phone or PC.


How often do you shop at Kohl’s? Next, you need to know about Kohl’s credit card service. On this page you will find all the answers for Kohl credit card account registration and activation, applications, general login and login questions. Let’s take a look at Kohl’s rechargeable credit card, its features and other details.


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MyKohlsCharge is a personal account type that requires login credentials and your funds are stored in this account. It has been specially designed so that Kohl’s customers can pay with their Kohl’s Recharge account each time they shop at a Kohl’s store.

My Kohl Credit Card Account Registration Steps

Activate your new credit card as soon as you receive it. Follow these steps to activate your Kohl’s credit card or create a new account.

Step 1 – Access the My Kohl’s Charge login page by clicking here. Please register.

Step 2: Enter your Kohl credit card number and password below the Apply Now banner (to view the password, see the image below the password input field).

Step 3: Click the Submit button on the right to complete the rest of the process, providing all requested information.

Finally, the page will ask you to set a username and password. Create a strong password and store your credentials in a safe place for future use.

Login To MyKohlsCharge

It is important that you ensure you have the most recent version of your web browser along with decent Internet security software installed such as Avast Internet Security on your system before starting the registration process. For better protection and a user-friendly experience, we recommend using the Chrome browser for Windows and Safari for Mac users.


Step 1 – Open your web browser, paste credit.kohls.com in the address field and hit enter.

MyKohlsCharge Login – Pay at www.mykohlscharge.com

Step 2 – Paste the username and password in the field below the login banner.

Step 3: Click on the “Submit” button which is located just below the password field. Be careful with this step as there are two submit buttons on the login screen.

Step 4 – The website may verify your information asking for additional details that will appear and continue.

Step 5: Don’t forget about the YestoYou reward that offers extra cashback.

After reviewing the credentials page, you will have access to your account.”

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