Reset Credentials

MyKohlsCharge is the credit card management service for Kohl’s customers. This site allows you to pay online with your Kohl’s credit card. You can also manage transactions online from your mobile phone or personal computer. There is also a separate portal on the MyKohlsCharge portal through which employees can receive their pay and request time off.


The Kohl’s card, like other retail cards, may charge a higher APR than traditional rewards cards.

How To RecoverĀ  Forgotten MyKohls Login Credentials?

If you can’t remember your login information, have your Kohl credit card handy and follow the steps below to get it back quickly. But before that, remember that neither your email address nor your Kohls account is your Kohls account username. So, if you are using your email address as your username, try logging in again. Here are the recovery steps

Step 1: Access the My Kohl’s Charge login portal by clicking on Kohl’s Credit Card.

Step 2 – To get the username, locate and click on the “Forgot username” link which is to the right of the add username box.

Step 3 – Enter your Kohl’s credit card number in the first field.

Step 4 – In the second field, you must enter the security phase, which is a series of random alphanumeric keys that appear below the password field (passwords are case sensitive).


Step 5: Click the “Next:” button and follow the next steps by following the instructions on the page.

Step 6 – If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot my password link after the first step. The link is next to the password input field.

Step 7 – Add your username and the last 4 digits of your SSN.

Step 8: Click Next and fill in any additional details required. The bank will send you a temporary password by email.

Step 9 – Use it to login and create a new password.