October 10 On January 6, Kohl’s switched its loyalty program from Kohl’s Rewards to Yes2You Rewards, a currency-neutral customer loyalty program that rewards a 5% fee on in-store and online spending. One hundred sixty-three department stores are located in 49 states under the Wisconsin-based chain.


The program, simply called Kohl’s Rewards, will be piloted in eight markets and about 100 stores by the end of May, said Greg Revelle, Kohl’s director of marketing. All Kohl’s Yes2You members and MyKohlsCharge holders in these markets will be automatically enrolled in the new program.

Kohls Reward Programs

Yes2You members earn one point for every $1 spent, regardless of payment method, with 100 points (or $100 spent) equivalent to $5 in rewards.

  • Every day, Kohl’s Rewards members receive 5% back on every purchase. The Kohl’s Cash vouchers used to convert Kohl’s Rewards credits are issued on the first of the following month in $5 increments.
  • There are no brands excluded from the redemption of coupons and coupons are valid for a period of 30 days.
  • Kohl’s Rewards balance is printed on member receipts and synced across all channels. Kohl’s sends members reminders when they have Kohl money to spend. Coupons can be redeemed for earned Kohl’s Cash.
  • According to Kohl’s, the program offers members personalized offers and access to additional rewards events “to help you earn rewards even faster.”
  • Yes2You Rewards members will automatically transfer to Kohl’s Rewards and existing Yes2You Rewards points will be converted to the new Kohl’s Rewards program.

Learn more about the program or register at

Participation requires a valid email address from which offers will be sent. A valid email address is also needed for members to view their accounts in the Kohl’s mobile app and on Kohl’ After the expiration of the reward, if the account has not been used for a year, it will be reset to its original status.