What Is MyKohlsCharge?

MyKohlsCharge is Kohls’ customer credit card management website that allows you to pay with credit, pay online and manage online transactions from your mobile phone or personal computer.


The MyKohlsCharge login portal is designed to easily manage all your credit card-related services. Whether you’re viewing your premium or paying your fees, all tasks can be done quickly. Read this article to make your online travel experience hassle-free with Kohl’s Credit Card.

Detailed Information About My Kohls Charge

  • Cardholders receive a 35% discount on their first card purchase and a 15% discount voucher in the mail. 12 additional limits are sent each year, one each month. Returns without a receipt are allowed on purchases made with the card.
  • If you spend $600 in a projected year, you’ll become a deep-rooted Kohl’s MVC, giving you six additional discount mailings each year, a birthday gift, and free mailing events each month.
  • That’s it for Kohl’s credit card; There are no spending rewards, although you can follow Kohl’s Yes2You rewards program for free. This program awards 1X points per dollar at Kohl’s, which equates to a 5% prorated return.
  • 15% discount by mail
  • 12 annual limits
  • Elite offers and cardholder offers
  • No annuity
  • 15% discount by mail
  • 12 annual limits
  • Selective offers and promotions for cardholders
  • No return guide
  • APR 27.24% variable

The purpose of this article is to explain how mykohlscharge.com works. It is designed to be a single point for managing all of your credit card-related services through the MyKohls Charge login portal. There is no need to wait for your premium to load or to pay your fees. You can complete these tasks all within a few clicks. Take advantage of Kohl’s Credit Card to make your online travel experience hassle-free by reading this article.